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Care Guide

Even though all plated jewellery tends to loose a little bit of the plating and colour over time, there are a few things you can do to make it last longer and keep there shine.

Stainless Steel

  • Jewellery is waterproof however please keep it away from harsh or sharp object to avoid scratching.
  • Sterling silver can be cleaned using a polishing cloth or ideally a jewellery cleansing solution.

Sterling Silver 

  • Keep your jewellery dry
  • Do not wear it in the pool, at the spa or in seawater
  • Take it off before working out
  • Keep away from body chemistry, perfume, lotion and hand cream
  • Do not use jewellery cleaner to clean as it may be too harsh, instead regularly wipe with a soft cloth
  • Keep your jewellery in out pouch or box and keep in a dry and clean environment when you are not wearing it

Plated Brass
Remove your jewellery if there is a chance of getting wet; showering, swimming, exercise that makes you sweat.

Give your pieces a clean before putting them away, as tarnish can develop during storage if there’s lingering oils or other substances on the surface. Always store your jewellery individually to avoid scratches in a cool, dark place away from extreme temperature or bright sunlight.

Put your plated pieces on after your beauty routine to minimise exposure to hairspray, creams and make-up, and don’t let them come in contact with cleaning or household chemicals.

Plated Pieces
Avoid using a jewellery polishing cloth on plated pieces, as jewellery cloths are impregnated with polishing compounds which can wear your plating. Instead use a soft, lint free cloth to gently rub the surface.

Plated pieces need a little extra care. Do not use a polishing cloth on plated jewellery as this will remove the plated layer - instead you can use a soft lint-free cloth. Please note that over time, plated products will eventually tarnish and wear away from continuous wear, and you may find that your jewellery needs re-plating after a few years.