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Types of Earrings Part 1

Earrings are convenient, easy to carry and can take any outfit up a notch and are quite popular and for good reasons.  With so many  variations  of earrings available in the market, it makes sense to break them down and explain the different options around.

Studs are the definition of class in this category. They are suitable with any type of look and are perfect to go for when you don't have time to accessorize your outfit. Studs are the only type of earrings that do not dangle down and are worn close to the earlobe.

The post (back pins) of the stud passes through the ear piercing and the stud is secured (closed) using the backlings. 

Hoops are one of the trendiest accessories and every girl should have at least one pair of hoops. Hoops as the name indicates are the ring-shaped earrings, circular or semi-circular. Hoops can have different types of closures such as push back or latch, which completely depends on the hoops design.

They add a dimension to your face and make you look effortlessly elegant. As this trend is getting popular, hoops of different sizes (smallest to oversized), shapes (perfect circles to ovals to hearts or other geometric shapes) and creatively embellished versions are available amongst the hoops selection.

Drops are an extended version of studs. They are vertical shaped earrings which ‘drop’ below your earlobes. Drop earrings are found in variety as some of them are considerably low and others hang slightly below your earlobes. Drops earrings have post (back pins) along with backlings just like the studs. Drops are extremely versatile and are very commonly used. They are found as ethnic as well as western jewellery pieces.

Tear drops
Teardrop earrings are a family member of drop earrings. Just like the latter, they fall below your earlobes however, the only difference is that they are in the shape of a tear and hence the name. They make great party accessories and go well at night parties. You can even skip neck accessories if you are wearing them as it gives a minimalist yet classic look.

Danglers are earrings of any length small or really long, anything that hangs below the ear lobe and dangles or swings sideways.. Basically the earrings that “dangle”!

Danglers can have simple single chain strand attached with a pearl or gemstone hanging at the lower end or can have multiple hanging stands that dangle.

Watch out for part 2!